Love Art Ceramics
Love Art Ceramics

1281 Umkondo St. Senaoane, Soweto, JHB, South Africa, 2061

Southern Africa has a long history of conservation and of
its various peoples living mostly in harmony with nature and with the extraordinary diversity of its fauna and flora. It is an unforgettable experience for those who have been in the wild and have had a unique experience of Africa. Through their talent, Love Art decided to transmit such beauty and magic into clay and intricate paintings.
Love Art Ceramics was founded on July 2022 by Lungelo & The Nene Family. ’My family is passionate about art and painting. They have been working as artists for many years. It was not easy growing up and seeing the situation my family was living under. I had never seen my mother, Zinhle, and her sister, Jabu Nene, financially stable and affording adequate lifestyle. For years, I was stunned by the lack of progress in the family’s life although they had been working as artists for years. Up until today, they are still living in mud houses that are leaking during rainfalls’’, Lungelo.
Our studio is in the Drakensburg Area of Estcourt. Using their artistic abilities, LAC is slowly managing to give its artists the freedom and lives they have long been longing for. LAC has also opened employment opportunities to families in the surrounding communities.